Optional Features

Water cooled Worm shaft for Heavy duty Expellers.

Round Kettle-Single / Two Stage can be provided for crushing of Copra / Gingilly seeds.

Cooker cum Drier for the greatest flexibility and most efficient control of various seed conditions, so as to yield maximum extraction and high quality of Oil and Cake.

Load controller for uniform feeding.


  • Manufacturing and assemble of each and every part is carried out under careful supervision of well experienced engineers and mechanics for easy oepration, and low energy consumption.

  • High Pressure system ensures through crushing in single oepration.

  • Heavy duty, closed grains, High qualtiy Graded castings ensures vibration free performance.

  • Double reduction, oil immersed gear box provided with male female seatings for perfect alignment which ensures smooth and silent running with even pressure.

  • Steel centre bracket to sithstand heavy load.

  • Long steam kettles are made of tested steel plates and designed to transfer maximum heat.

  • The Main Shaft made of alloy steel can be withdrawn easily without distrubing the gear section, since a heavy duty Gudgeon is provided in the body.

  • Heavy duty imported thrust bearing withstand the thrust load.

  • Our Expellers carry a full ONE YEAR GUARANTEE from the date of delivery. Breakdown of any stationary part within the guarantee period dur to manufacturing defect is attended imeediately and replacement is made free of cost.

  • Our Experienced Personnels always guide you for solving any of your crushing problems.

  • Installation and trial run of the expeller is undertaken by our engineers and mechanics.