DHANALAKSHMI maintains high standard of quality and prompt delievery schedules. Thus it maintain its commitment.

Our expeller yeilds the HIGHEST PERCENTAGE OF OIL, by virtue of special crushing chambers proportioning latest improvements in mechanism and strict quality control of our products.

Many customers find DHANALAKSHMI HEAVY DUTY SUPER YEILD OIL EXPELLER to be the best quality for a long run and yeild better profit in their business.

Manufacturing and Assembly of each and every part is carried out under careful supervision of well experienced engineers and mechanics for easy operation and low energy consumption.

Quality Policy

We, at DHANAKSHMI INDUSTRIES shall strive to deliver products and services to meet and exceed Customer expectations of Cost, Quality and Delivery.

This policy shall be deployed through:

  • Introducing new products and technology by assessing market needs.

  • Continual improvement in manufacturing process and skills.

  • Cost reduction through elimination of wastage in all business process.

  • Development of Human Resource and provide an environment which promoted initiative, innovation and team work.

  • Development and participation of our associates